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Therapeutic Yoga Tailored To You & Your Goals

The best way to obtain a personal yoga practice or deepen your existing yoga practice (personal or in class) is with one on one attention. All virtual yoga sessions are tailored to your specific individual needs whatever they may be, from; stress reduction and coping, to building and maintaining muscle mass, flexibility, or maybe you really just want to develop the ability to do forearm balances. Whatever your goals may be, taking virtual 1 to 1 yoga sessions is the perfect way to achieve them. We offer a variety of session packages so that you can choose which one best suits you.

Key Benefits of Virtual Yoga:  


  • You can practice in the safety and comfort of your own home

  • It’s easier to fit into your busy schedule than in-person yoga sessions

  • Each session is designed specifically to meet your needs

  • You’re able to practice with us from anywhere in the world

  • They help you progress much quicker than by following online videos

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What Clients Are Saying…

I’ve been working with Brad for 18 months now and it has been an incredible journey. From the beginning I found Brad to be helpful, patient, and understanding of my needs. When I started, I had very little knowledge of yoga and was extremely stiff but now my flexibility, range of motion, & core strength have all greatly improved. Also thanks to our sessions I’m able to now do 10 mile runs regularly and have lost 10+ stones since we met

~ Mike M. 

Scotland, United Kingdom

For a few years I’ve been working with Renee and when the pandemic hit, we switched to virtual yoga. The change to online has worked out great! I am very uncomfortable with technology, but it was all so much easier than I expected it to be. I also saved a lot of time, not having to drive anymore, that I increased our sessions to twice a week. I am pleasantly surprised at how well Renee can check my posture, even virtually, and she can correct or change anything I’m doing without difficulty. I highly recommend that anyone hesitant to try virtual yoga with Renee give it a chance. 

~ Christine M. 

ON, Canada

I’ve been doing private yoga sessions with Brad for years now, primarily to reduce discomfort in my lower back and hips. I look forward to our sessions as they help me live my days mostly pain-free. Along with tackling my own problem areas Brad also finds creative ways to help me improve my strength and flexibility. He is very attentive in his approach to teaching and highly recommend him as a teacher.  

~ Ryan S. 

ON, Canada

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Renee Janisse

Registered Massage Therapist & Yoga Therapist

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Additional Services Offered by Renee

renee janisse profile

Brad Kreitzer

Yoga Therapist & Social Worker in Training

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Additional Services Offered by Brad

Yoga Therapy Pricing


60-Minute Sessions

$80 for 1

$350 for 5

$700 for 10


45-Minute Sessions

$70 for 1

$325 for 5

$600 for 10

For more information read the FAQ section below or visit our contact page to connect with us.


Who Can Participate in Virtual Yoga Sessions?

Adults, children, & seniors can all benefit from virtual yoga sessions.

Children & teens under the age of 16 must have a guardian book their sessions and they must also be present during the session from start to finish.

Seniors, those with injuries, or impairments are encouraged to notify us as a soon as possible so that the proper modifications can be given.  

What Do I Need?

You must have a laptop or computer with a functioning camera and microphone (you will receive instructions to assist in setup).

A good internet connection.

A yoga mat is ideal but if you don’t have one, no worries. 

How Does Virtual Yoga Work?

Virtual yoga is super easy. Students place their computer screens in a way that allows us to hear and see them, while we do the same. Afterward, you are guided by our words and visual cues through a yoga routine catered to your specific needs and goals. During the session, you are encouraged to ask questions and seek further clarification as much you feel is needed.


Single sessions and multiple session packages are non-refundable.

Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours in advance of the scheduled session. 

In the event of a poor internet connection or any technical-based issue, you will be able to reschedule free of charge. 

Booking at least 48 hours prior to your preferred time slot is recommended as availability varies greatly the shorter the notice. 

Sessions and packages must be used within 6 months from the time of purchase.

Wrongfully using Revive N Thrive services, any rude or inappropriate behaviour or question will result in cancellation of session/future sessions with no refund.



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