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Vinyasa Basics Stage 3

In this stage 3 video on the more advanced fundamentals of a vinyasa, we cover common errors and how to safely transition through the flow!

Therapeutic Yoga for Your Neck & Shoulders

This new 17-min video will help you decrease discomfort in the neck and shoulders while improving your mobility in these areas as well! Follow along with Renee to experience the benefits of this routine for yourself 🙂

How to Self-Massage Along Your Spine

Learn how to self massage your spine at home with some simple tools. The spine is an important part of our physical structure…

Vinyasa Basics Stage 2

This short video on the fundamentals of a vinyasa explains how to properly advance in your vinyasa practice once you’ve mastered the basics!

Intro to Acro Yoga

A quick intro to acro yoga! Make sure to communicate with your partner when doing acro yoga and be honest with your own capabilities 🙂

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Renee and Brad began working alongside one another 8 years ago. They were brought together by a passion for bringing an authentic yoga experience to both men and women alike. The deep connection they both share for their life work led to a powerful friendship and eventually a full-fledge partnership both professionally and personally. All of which truly came to fruition when they were married at the beautiful Chateau Eza in Eze France. The day they declared their commitment to one another as absolute. Since deciding to embark on the journey of life fully together Renee and Brad felt that it was also time to create Revive N Thrive. This step was needed in order to bring their collective 30 years of experience in the realms of yoga, healthy living, business, and designing ideal lives, to you.

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