Vinyasa Fundamentals for All Levels

Vinyasa Basics Stage 1

This video is for those just beginning to work on their vinyasa or more experienced individuals who want to brush up on the fundamentals of a well-done vinyasa. We explore developing proper strength and alignment so that you can progress without injury in your vinyasa practice.

Vinyasa Basics Stage 2

For those with some experience practicing a vinyasa that want to progress further safely and without compromising their already established foundations. This video explores in detail low cobra, high cobra, and lowering all the way down from high-plank.

Vinyasa Basics Stage 3

This video is for individuals who have developed a solid vinyasa practice and are ready to tackle full chaturanga and upward-facing. We recommend that before attempting you’re capable of moving through low plank, high-cobra, and downward dog with ease several times each with proper alignment.

Wondering if the fundamentals of your vinyasa are spot on or hoping to progress more quickly in your yoga practice?


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