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Multi-Tasking with Your Self-Care

Can’t find the time to fit in all of your healthy self-care habits?

No worries we get it! We know how difficult it can be to squeeze in your self-care into your daily or even weekly routine. That’s why we often multi-task with our own healthy habits and recommend you do the same if you “can’t find the time” to fit your own self-care in each week. Or if you’d just like to do more regularly so that you stay in tip top shape. Down below are four different self-care options that you can utilize even while watching TV or talking to someone, so that you can more easily fit them into your week. 

Option 1: Do Some Light Stretching 

There are many different stretches and yoga poses that you can multi-task with. So your options are almost endless. However, here are three of our favourites that give you a lot for only doing a little that you can do at home! 

Pigeon or Seated Pigeon

Side Bend Seated or Standing

Downward Dog

Option 2: Self-Massage The Areas That Are Bugging You

We love getting in some self-massage when winding down at night or even during family movie time. Just like the stretching, there are a lot of different options however down below are our three favourites. You can pick up a self-massage kit here if you’d like or use a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, and/or a small bouncy ball if you those laying around the house. Also, for getting into serious neck tension we also recommend you try this neck massager.

Foot Massage

Roll Ball Between Ball & Heel of Foot (hold on extra tight spots for a few breaths)

Massage Back with 1-2 Balls

Work your way along your spine with ball/balls beside your spine (holding for 1-2 min in each spot)

Use A Neck Massager

Hold the neck massager on any problem areas for as long as needed

Option 3: Lay or Stand on Your Spoonk

You may be wondering what the heck is a spoonk?! Well, it’s basically a simple tool that allows you to give yourself a little acupressure massage anytime. Using a spoonk helps to relieve minor aches and pains, is great for reducing stress, and also helps you relax. Everyone in our household has one of these and we all use them very regularly cause it works. The three main ways to use one of these is shown below: beneath your feet, on your lower back, and under your shoulders & neck. We recommend starting with using yours for only 1-2 minutes and then working up to a longer duration as you get used to it. The spoonk can be very intense when you first start using it but will become less intense as you use it more regularly! You can order one of these for yourself by clicking here.

On Your Lower Back

On Your Feet

On Your Upper Back/Neck

Option 4: Give Your Feet Some Love!

Whether your a woman or man your feet do a lot for you and giving them some self-care every once in a while feels great. So try soaking your feet in an Epsom salt bath the next time you settle down to watch a movie. We typically add 1/4-1/2 cup Epsom salt, a couple of drops of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and lavender oil to a small tub of hot water in our house. But feel free to create your own foot spa solution!

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